10 Great 2019 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Holiday Gifts for Seniors 2019

by Patricia LaCroix, Contributing Writer

What do you get for the person that seems to have everything and needs nothing? Shopping for older adults can sometimes be difficult — especially when younger folks are doing the shopping. What would they like? What can they use?

If you are having trouble coming up with holiday gift ideas for the senior loved ones in your life, have no fear! Care & Comfort at Home has come up with some great gift ideas that older adults would love to receive. (And we promise you, they are NOT just slippers and housecoats.) Check out these ten great 2019 holiday gift ideas for seniors! One is sure to be the perfect gift for your senior loved one.

#1 — Supersize their gadgets

As we age, it often gets more difficult to see. So any gift with big buttons and numbers can be a blessing for an older adult! Clocks and calculators with big digital numbers, and cell phones and TV remotes with big buttons will be greatly appreciated by a senior who struggles with seeing. Their larger size also makes these gadgets easier to grip and hold.

#2 — Gift certificate for groceries

Department and specialty stores aren’t the only stores that provide gift certificates. Most grocery stores and supermarkets do as well. Remember: When money is tight, the elderly might to forgo food for themselves in order to pay things like utility bills. They also tend to have a lower appetite and eat less than when they were younger, and as such, it’s easy for them to not get enough food for their nutritional needs. A grocery store gift certificate is a great way to help ensure that they have the food they need to stay healthy. Even better — take the senior to the grocery store or go yourself so that your loved one doesn’t have to make the trip. If time is tight for you, you could hire an in-home care provider — such as a Caregiver from Care & Comfort at Home — to run the grocery errand and make life a little easier for everyone!

#3 — A cozy throw blanket

Our blood circulation tends not to work as well as we get older. As a result, older adults tend to feel cold — even when nobody else does. It can be hard for them to warm up! Sometimes raising the heat temperature in the house isn’t enough nor practical. But if there’s always a handy throw blanket to snuggle under, that can definitely help! Many department stores carry affordable throws that are warm, soft, and oh so cozy!

#4 — A haircut or styling at home

More and more, services that used to be only provided elsewhere are now provided in people’s homes. That’s very true of the beauty industry. Today, hairstylists will come directly to someone’s home to provide their services. They bring all the supplies they need to help to make it happen. You can hire a stylist, barber, or even a nail technician to visit the senior at home and pamper him or her for a while! Imagine how surprised your loved ones will be when they can get their hair done without walking out the front door! Proper grooming makes us all feel so much better.

#5 — Sweets

As we get older, we lose our sense of taste. It gets harder to experience salty, sour, and savory flavors. But one of the taste sensations that remains and typically the last to go is that of sweetness. While too many sweets and too much sugar is not a good thing, as long as the senior has no contradictory conditions (such as diabetes), there’s nothing wrong with some sweets, provided they are taken in moderation. If the senior does suffer from a health condition where sugar consumption is to be avoided, sweets such as candy made with sugar-substitutes will be just as enjoyable!

#6 — Word puzzle books and coloring books

It’s important to keep our minds active as we age. One easy way to do so is through word puzzle books and coloring books. They are easy to port around the house and do anywhere — in the kitchen, on the sofa, even in bed. They actually activate separate sides of the brain. The logical word puzzles, such as crossword puzzles and word searches, demand the use the left side of the brain. The artistic coloring books, on the other hand, require the use of the right side of the brain. In both cases, the brain is helped to stay active. And also, in both cases, doing the activities is simply a lot of fun and combats boredom. Since they get used up quickly, a fresh stack of these books is always needed and appreciated!

#7 — Going out

It’s easy for seniors to get housebound. Driving may no longer be possible. Walking might be difficult. Help and support might not always be around. If your senior loved one is well enough to get out of the house, a great gift is helping them to do so. It could be dinner at a favorite restaurant. It could be tickets to a musical. It could even be a small trip to see an old family friend that hasn’t been seen in ages. Whatever it is, going out will allow the senior’s mind and body to be stimulated in ways that staying at home can’t always provide. If seniors need transportation, a Caregiver from Care & Comfort at Home can help them get wherever they need to be!

#8 — Help from a Caregiver

As the song goes, a little help is how we get by! And seniors often need more than just a little help — they could use quite a bit of support. A great gift would be lending some help to a senior loved one. Now, it’s true, that we all live busy lives. But, while helping out in person would be a wonderful gift, if that would be too difficult because of all the concerns and responsibilities already overloading  your own life, consider getting an in-home Caregiver from an agency like Care & Comfort at Home. One great benefit of Care & Comfort at Home is that our Caregivers aren’t only for long-term assignments. They can come for just a few hours every few days or only on the weekends. You can have a schedule created that makes the most sense for your loved one. This way, you can make sure that the older adult always receives the necessary care. You can click HERE to read about all of the wonderful services that can be provided by Care & Comfort at Home, including companionship.

#9 — A custom “grooming” gift basket

Rather than get a typical gift basket from the store, why not customize one with some grooming supplies you know the senior could and will use. Get a basket from your local craft store or even from a thrift store. For a man, you can fill it with shavers and shaving cream — or even better, an electric shaver, which is both safe and easy to use. For a woman, you can add colognes with pretty scents and facial cream. In both cases, you can add soaps, shampoo and conditioner, a brush or comb, body moisturizer, and lip balm. Roll up and add some wash clothes, wrap the basket it up in a plastic gift bag, and add an attractive bow. You’re all set, and they will love the personal touch!

#10 — YOU

Seniors are often very isolated. They might live alone. Many friends and family, including a spouse, may have passed away. It’s very easy for them to feel lonely. The best gift a senior can receive is quality time with someone they love. That’s YOU. So, take the time to visit with your loved one. Talk to the senior. Touch his or her hand. Give your loved one a hug! Let them know you are always a part of his or her life, and vice versa. Let them know you care. That’s the greatest gift of all that we can give to anyone, regardless of age.

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