Month: December 2016

In-home care services you might not have considered

What can you do for your aging parent or loved one? A nursing home seems drastic and oh-so-final. It's also expensive — sometimes downright unaffordable. But what other option do you have? . . . READ THE REST

When to have the conversation about in-home care

It's not easy to have that dreaded conversation with an aging parent — you know, the one that begins "we have to get you some help." READ THE REST

Your gift of time with a senior is priceless

Not every great gift has a price tag. When it comes to gifts you can give seniors this holiday season, there are many no cost or low cost things you can do that will bring the elderly much happiness. Spending quality time with someone you care for is priceless! So here are some "gift of time" ideas that you can extend to older folks for the holidays. . . . READ THE REST

A little prayer of thanks

As we race from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I would like to offer my personal thanks to our caregivers who do such a fabulous job and to our clients and to our families, who have placed their trust in Care and Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans. . . . READ THE REST