Month: July 2017

Activities for Seniors in the Chicago Area for August 2017

Summer isn't over yet! August is on its way, and there are still lots of things to do and see in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs that seniors and folks of all ages can enjoy in the great outdoors. . . . READ THE REST

Use it or lose it: Physical activity helps seniors stay mobile

A carefully structured, moderate physical activity program helped vulnerable older people maintain their mobility. This was the conclusion of a January 2014 study, which showed that many frail older people can reap rewards from regular physical activity. . . . READ THE REST

Support for caregivers

If you’ve been providing care to an elderly family member or friend, you know all too well the pressures and stress that can come from being a caregiver. READ THE REST

Honoring others through interaction

Thanks again to all who served this country. From our nation’s founding to this day, we owe so much to those who sacrificed to give birth to a new manner of government. We are especially mindful of those in our more recent families who served that our national experiment might endure. . . . READ THE REST