Month: September 2017

Activities in the Chicago area for seniors and veterans this October

October is a time to get out and enjoy the things the Chicago area has to offer before the biting chill of winter sets in. . . . READ THE REST

Senior skin care conditions

Getting older means dealing with skin care conditions that might not have affected you or your loved one at a younger age. . . . READ THE REST

Four Chicago radio stations with programming that’s perfect for older adults

According to most historians, the “Golden Age of Radio” ended in the late 1950s. But for a lot of older adults, radio lives on as a favorite way to be entertained and informed. . . . READ THE REST

Sometimes, change is good!

All relationships have their bumps. We here at Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans don’t expect everything to always be smooth sailing between our caregivers and our clients. We know that starting a relationship between a senior or veteran and her or her caregiver will have its moments of difficulty. . . . READ THE REST