Month: October 2017

Seven senior safety tips for Halloween

Happy Halloween! To help make this Halloween more fun and less scary for older adults, follow these seven simple tips to ensure senior safety. . . . READ THE REST

November 2017 activities in Chicagoland for older adults

Auditorium Theatre photo by John Boehm. Used with permission.
  While the weather is changing quickly and the winter holidays will soon be upon us, there's no reason to stay cooped up in the house, especially with all that's available to see and do in Chicagoland. . . . READ THE REST

5 movies that feature older adults

What better way to enjoy family time with an elderly loved one than watching a movie? But, as we can all relate, agreeing on a movie everyone will enjoy can be challenging. After all, everyone has specific tastes. What Mom likes to watch, little Johnny hates. But what if you can remove the difficulties and watch a movie that everyone will agree is enjoyable? Here are five movies that feature older adults — but you don't have to be old to love them. . . . READ THE REST

Learning family history from your older loved ones

In 1976, when I was 12, the students in my sixth-grade class were given a writing assignment that required us to interview a person in our families. I chose to interview my 81-year-old paternal grandmother who immigrated from Poland to America. I no longer have the paper I wrote, but 41 years later, I still remember the interview. . . . READ THE REST

The peaceful rewards of living with goodwill

With all the loud noise and frequent cantankerousness on both sides of the political spectrum so amplified by the media, you would think no one is getting along. . . . READ THE REST