Month: April 2018

The benefits and risks of owning a pet — especially for older adults

Pets can bring much joy to the life of an older adult. They also bring their own set of unique challenges for their senior owner. If you or someone you know and care for is an older adult and would like to have a pet as a companion, please read on to learn important information that you'll want to take into consideration before you make the decision to get a pet. . . . READ THE REST

May 2018 Chicagoland activities for older adults

In typical fashion for Chicago spring weather, it took its own long, sweet time showing up. But now, after a few April snowfalls that prolonged its arrival by a few weeks, it looks like spring and spring-like temperatures have finally arrived in the Chicagoland area. And along with spring comes a number of May activities that older adults can enjoy. . . . READ THE REST

Slang — Then and Now!

Do you remember using terms such as “khaki wacky,” “made in the shade,” or “lay it on me”? Every new generation has its own “secret language” or “slang” that can leave older generations scratching their heads. Do you know how to speak the language of your grandkids? It’s probably not a good idea to try [...] READ THE REST

When the same becomes reassuring

Most of us can remember how exciting “new” was — a first girlfriend or boyfriend, a first car, a first time away from home. As a much younger person, these firsts were generally very exciting and enjoyable events. . . . READ THE REST

Five tips on traveling with seniors who have disabilities

While traveling can be fun and exciting, as we get older, it can also be more of a challenge. Older adults — especially those who have disabilities — can find travel to be more burdensome than enjoyable. . . . READ THE REST