Month: June 2020

Preventing Heart Disease as You Age

The aging process brings about many physical changes in a person's body. Blood pressure might start to increase. Cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels might go up. So might one's weight and the ability to keep that weight off. And these same physical changes can also bring about a higher risk for heart disease. . . . READ THE REST

Why You Should Include Long-Term Care in Your Retirement Plan

When it comes to planning for retirement, many future retirees are concerned about their finances and their ability to maintain their current standard of living. But how many are concerned about their care? . . . READ THE REST

How In-Home Care Changes Lives for the Better

Providing services for the aged is not a new idea or trend. As early as the 17th century until our present time, enough concern has existed about caring for the elderly that various laws have been passed and social systems set up to help ensure that people get the care they need as they age. But it can also be argued that quality, availability and even affordability of elder care have increased as time has gone by and as the population of older adults has increased. . . . READ THE REST

Words of Wisdom of the Elderly Worth Hearing

In many cultures, including Native American, African, and Mediterranean societies, the elderly are revered because the wisdom that comes from their life experiences is understood and appreciated. People from these cultures realize that there is much to learn from our elders. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in American society. The elderly can often be seen as a disposable generation and dismissed as having nothing left to offer. . . . READ THE REST