Month: July 2020

5 Crafts That Help Seniors Keep Hands Busy and Minds Alert

Although we all get older — and often become less mobile as we age — we still can maintain and express our creativity. Staying creative is a great way to move and expand our physical bodies and the mental state of our minds. . . . READ THE REST

5 Facebook Groups that Support Family Caregivers

When you think of Facebook, a lot of things might come to mind: An outlet to express yourself. A way to connect with old friends and relatives. Political rants. Funny (and not-so-funny) memes. Cute cat videos. What you might not have considered is that it’s also a great way for you, as a caregiver to a family member, to get support. A number of Facebook groups exist solely for the support of family caregivers. . . . READ THE REST

Study Finds Link Between Gum Disease and Dementia

The reasons to take good care of your teeth and gums as you age were numerous already. Healthy teeth are important for eating properly and getting good nutrition in food. The loss of teeth necessitates costly and burdensome replacements. Unhealthy gums can be linked to issues such as heart disease and can increase one's risks of infection. Now add the risk of developing dementia to the list of problems caused by gum disease. . . . READ THE REST

Dealing with the Loss of Independence as We Age

“I’ve always taken care of myself.” Our work can be quite frustrating. In a recent visit with a 90-odd-year-old woman still living independently, I was faced repeatedly with that sentence. Her poor adult kids who had run out of ideas for providing her with care were planning to be gone for two weeks. They knew Mom could no longer be left alone for extended periods of time. Their anxiety was palpable. They needed to go, but they knew their mom’s intractability put her at great risk. . . . READ THE REST