Month: November 2020

Living on Less as You Age — Frugal Tips for Older Adults

Whether you are saving for retirement, working fewer hours, or living on a pension, there are many ways to live a more frugal life. The key to success is planning, organization, and deciding from the start where you are willing to cut costs and what luxuries are non-negotiable. . . . READ THE REST

Positive Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Life for the Better

There is little doubt that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all our lives. People have lost loved ones, and businesses and livelihoods have been affected. We don’t yet know when this pandemic will be over, nor its long-term implications. However, as with most things in life, there are two sides to every coin. Despite all the negativity associated with the pandemic, there are also positive ways in which the pandemic has changed our lives for the better. In an effort to find a silver lining, let's explore some of those ways. . . . READ THE REST

How to Help a Caregiver in Need

Many of us know someone who is caring for a friend, partner, spouse, parent, or other family member. Caregiving can be a stressful and lonely experience, and perhaps you've thought of helping in some way. . . . READ THE REST

Qualities to Look for in an In-Home Caregiving Agency

In-home care for older adults offers the double bonus of providing support for family caregivers while allowing seniors to stay in their own home, the place they love and want to be. If you are in the position of choosing an in-home caregiving agency for a loved one, here are some qualities to look for during the selection process. . . . READ THE REST

Introducing the Elderly to Technology

COVID-19 has meant that many older adults are more isolated than ever.  However, even without the complication of a global pandemic, many seniors don’t live close to their offspring or friends, and therefore aren’t able to visit them in person. Before the advent of technology, this would have meant that letters and phone calls were the only ways to keep in touch between visits. But the good news is that today's digital age can help bring family and friends closer. . . . READ THE REST