Month: January 2021

When We Can’t Help

No one solution is perfect for every situation — and that even includes the solutions we at Care & Comfort at Home provide. . . . READ THE REST

Important Things to Remember as You Get Closer to Retirement

Retirement is a major change in anyone’s life, and it will be a smoother transition if you prepare before making the leap. This article looks at some of the key areas you will need to think about as you approach retirement. The earlier you can start considering these, the better. They will give you more opportunity to make any necessary changes, particularly financial ones, as early as possible. . . . READ THE REST

5 Smartphone Apps that Can Help Keep Seniors Safe and Well

Smartphone use is definitely on the increase among seniors, and the apps available can be a huge boost to their safety. Apps can help make many aspects of life easier and more accessible for older adults. . . . READ THE REST

6 Actors and Actresses Who Had Big Roles Later in Life

TV and film acting is often seen as the playground of the young, and there’s no doubt that youth is prized by the studios. However, there have been a number of actors and actresses who have had big roles later in life. Here are just a few who have enjoyed fame and recognition for their work as older adults. . . . READ THE REST