Month: October 2021

Three Important Programs for Older Adults In The State Of Illinois

For older adults who live in Illinois, there are a number of programs and services offered by the Illinois Department on Aging of which they can take advantage. These services can be helpful not only to seniors but also to those who provide care for them. . . . READ THE REST

Adjusting Food Lifestyle To Help Older Adults Deal With Type 2 Diabetes

If you are an older adult who has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes — or if you care for someone who has the disease — you might be struggling with the lifestyle changes suggested by your doctor. One might very well be that of diet. . . . READ THE REST

Reducing the Risk of Foodborne Illnesses for Older Adults: Four Important Steps

Older adults (specifically age 65 and older) are at a higher risk for hospitalization and death due to foodborne illness. But why is that? That's because organs and other body systems change as people age. . . . READ THE REST

Everything Old Is New Again — Learning Important Lessons From Our Elders

It is remarkable to me that the lessons from generations and a millennia ago still need to be learned. By the time most people call us, it is too late to learn directly from their aging loved one. . . . READ THE REST