5 Ideas on What to Do with Leftover Ham

split pea soup being made in a slow cooker

By Patricia LaCroix, contributing writer

Mmmmmmm… Ham! So many of us rely on this tasty staple as the centerpiece our holiday meals — especially our Easter and Christmas dinners!

But a baked ham often can be quite large — 10 pounds easily for a bone-in ham — and can be more than enough for those attending the holiday feast. Leftovers are almost always inevitable — but definitely not inedible!

Besides making a lot of ham sandwiches, what can you do with all that leftover ham? We’ve come up with five ideas — some traditional, some not so traditional — to help you make leftover ham a little more interesting!

1 — Split Pea Soup

One delicious way to make good use of that leftover ham — including the ham bone — is to make split pea soup. It’s actually a very simple soup to make, especially if you check out this super easy recipe on the “Get It Down Pat” website, that uses a slow cooker method. Serve the soup with warm, crusty bread, and it’s easily a meal in itself. CLICK HERE to get the recipe!

2 — Ham Salad

The great thing about ham salad is that you can use it in a sandwich or just eat it as is — served with crackers or simply sitting on top a bed of lettuce. Depending on what you put in the ham salad, it can be tangy, crunchy, and even a little sweet. This video features a ham salad made zestier with the addition of both mustard and horseradish! CLICK HERE to check it out.

3 — Scrambled Eggs and Ham

Why not make breakfast the day after the holiday just as special as the holiday dinner the day before? This recipe for scrambled eggs and ham recipe can help you do just that. It jazzes up simple scrambled eggs by adding not only ham, but also green onions, basil, and cheddar cheese, giving the dish a much more complex and unique flavor. CLICK HERE to try it out for yourself!

4 — Ham & Swiss Braid

For a dish that looks great when served, try this Ham & Swiss Braid. It’s a braided bread loaf, stuffed with ham and swiss cheese, plus some healthy green vegetables — and then, just a touch of hot sauce, for some extra zing! It looks beautiful when presented on the table, and folks can carve out as little or as much as they’d like. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

5 — Ham and Cheese Pasta Casserole

For a hearty meal that even little ones will love, you’ll want to give this ham and cheese pasta casserole a go. With only five ingredients (one being the ham), you might just have all the ingredients on hand, without having to leave the house to shop! The whole dish takes only a little more than a half an hour to assemble and bake. Quick, easy, tasty — It’s a meal in pan! What more could you want from a dinner recipe? To find out how to make it, CLICK HERE!