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When it comes to providing home care,
Care & Comfort at Home is a world apart!

David Hachmeister

Carissa Dalenberg
Owner/Agency Director

Here’s why we’re unique:
24/7 availability!

We’re available to meet your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our managers are always on duty to take your call—no automated systems, no answering services!

No contracts!
No minimums!
No deposits!

Pay only for the services you actually receive. Stop services at any time!

Always know your caregiver!

We NEVER send a new caregiver alone to your door. When a change in caregivers is necessary, we send a manager along to ensure a safe and smooth transition for you and your caregivers.

Eren Uribe
Office Manager

Lauren Strother
Case Manager

Kathy Hansen
Marketing Manager

Unannounced visits!

We perform frequent unannounced visits to keep our caregivers on their toes and to ensure adherence to the care plan.

We love helping veterans!

As an official “Preferred Provider” for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Care & Comfort at Home is privileged to work closely with the VA to help our nation’s heroes.

Better caregivers — because we care!

Our caregivers are better, in part because we treat them better! We demand more from our caregivers, but give them more in return. We believe that caring well for our employees means better, more reliable care to meet your needs. It is the foundation of the agency.

We’re high tech!

Our state-of-the-art technology informs us immediately if a caregiver has not arrived to your home as scheduled. It also details the care to be given and requires affirmation of all tasks performed.

We’re here for you… no matter what!

Continuity of care is extremely important to our clients and to us. Even in the case of emergencies on the part of our caregivers, we will do whatever is humanly possible to ensure that you have a caregiver when you need one. And that’s at OUR expense — NEVER yours.

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