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Allow consolation to run both ways

David Hachmeister

Too often, out of consideration for our seriously ill loved ones, we cut short any effort on their part to comfort us. We want them to save their energy for their own well being.

But the truth is, many at the end of their lives still seek to comfort others. Allow them. They have a special gift of giving that endures. They need to help, and as painful as it may be, you need accept and appreciate it.

A central tenet of Care and Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans lies in using all available resources to provide care and comfort — not just for the client, but also for the client’s family as well. Our caregivers are sensitive to these needs.

Sometimes, the inexplicable is the dearest to one’s heart. In our providing care for seniors and veterans, I have performed many assessments — but none quite like Betty’s. She was in hospice care at home. She was in the last stages of pancreatic cancer and suffering terribly. As I sat and talked with the family, I realized that it was she who was comforting them by telling jokes about her favorite popsicles, which at that point was all food she could tolerate. She strengthened her family for what was ahead. She had the gift of faith and the ineffable strength found in sacrifice to others. She had the truest of grace. I would have wished her peace, but she already had it.

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