Can your care plan weather the weather? 

David Hachmeister, owner

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

The bad weather of last month highlighted how important it is to have a high-quality agency tending to the needs of our loved ones. Cars break down, children get sick, and the family members or friends who help care for our older adults can suddenly become unavailable and unreliable.

Over the course of a week in our Elmhurst office, we arrange about 300 meetings between our Caregivers and clients. Even just a one percent failure rate would leave three clients in need of care. We always look to perfection as our goal, but we know things are going to come up — and we plan accordingly.

No agency = no backup, no supervision

Without an agency, when things go wrong, you have no backup. Who do you call? How do you find immediate, high-quality care? This lack of backup can lead to some very difficult decisions, especially if your loved one lives far away.

These questions don’t even start to address the need to monitor and supervise the care provider, to be sure that everything is being done properly. Unannounced management visits are a regular part of our care and supervision. These visits keep our caregivers more alert and the care plans current.

The best care — always!

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