Care & Comfort at Home meets your wants and needs with the right caregiver

David Hachmeister

by David Hachmeister
Owner, Care & Comfort at Home

Our relationships between our caregivers andĀ our at-home care clients are as close or as distant as our client wants. We have had some clients who want our caregivers to be in another room, unless called upon to perform a task. We find caregivers who respect that distance and privacy wanted and needed by some clients. Recently, the depth our relationships couldĀ reach was highlighted as two of our care providers were pall bearers at a client’s funeral. They had worked with the client for several years, and a deep affinity had developed.

The point is that we at Care and Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans work diligently to find the right person to meet your needs. If things aren’t going smoothly we make seamless changes. You contact us, and we make the changes for you.

Whether you would like as much privacy as possible or would like a deep connection, we pursue each with equal diligence to find the right person for you.