Caregiving: Accepting Help for You and Your Loved One

Older woman being cared for by female caregiver

If you are a caregiver to a loved one, you know first hand that the job isn’t easy. While it can be very fulfilling, it can also be draining and daunting.

For most caregivers of family members, their caregiving role is one of several important roles they already have. Most adult caregivers who are caring for their parents also are caring for their own children and/or also have a job or career that the work to help financially support their own family.

In many cases, older adults (who may have their own age-related issues) are caring for other seniors, such as their spouses or siblings. According the Administration on Aging, as of 2004, the average age of a caregiver is 63, with a third of these caregivers in fair to poor health themselves.

Eventually, many find that the needs of the loved one and the demands of his or her care go beyond the abilities of the related caregiver. And at that point, additional help from an outside source might be necessary, both for the sake of the cared for, as well as for the one doing the caring.

This reality itself can be as difficult as the caregiving itself. Some caregivers, who believe that they should be the ones caring for loved ones rather than strangers, can feel guilt over the decision. Some have to deal with the pride that comes from believing that they should be able to handle the caregiving without any assistance from others. But the truth is, all caregivers are human, with limitations. Accepting help often is the right thing to do, to ensure that everyone — both the cared for and the caregiver — have their needs adequately met.

Care & Comfort at Home for seniors and veterans can provide the caring help family caregivers are seeking for their loved one, while relieving the burden and the stress that they’ve been facing. The loved one can still live at home, while receiving the same care that they previously received when they were being cared for by a family member. Great consideration is taken to ensure that a good match is made between our caregivers and the senior or veteran receiving the services.

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