Chicagoland Care & Comfort at Home introduces vital nursing services

On Dec. 5, 2018, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans in Elmhurst officially received its Home Nursing License from the State of Illinois. This license now allows Care & Comfort at Home to offer vital nursing services to its clients in the Chicagoland area.



Suzette Conroy, R.N. — Care & Comfort at Home’s Nursing Supervisor

In the past, the company had clients who at times needed help that extended beyond the home-care services that Care & Comfort at Home could legally provide. Everyday necessary tasks such as setting up pill boxes and monitoring blood sugar could only be performed by a client’s family member or friend — often someone who was already too stressed and overburdened to do so. And yet, these tasks are critical when maintaining a client’s overall wellness.

Now, with its Home Nursing License, Care & Comfort at Home can relieve family members of these crucial tasks and provide the level of assistance each senior or veteran needs to be healthy.

New services help make Care & Comfort at Home unique and even more valuable to clients

According to Carissa Dalenberg, Agency Director and Owner of Care & Comfort at Home, the ability to provide these important services further differentiates Care & Comfort at Home from other Chicagoland in-home care companies and makes the agency even more valuable to its clients.

“We are so excited to get this new aspect of the company up and running!” Dalenberg exclaimed. “Obtaining this additional license gives us the opportunity to satisfy the need of any home-care situation. Being able to do the things we were unable to do before, like dispensing medications, wound care, tube feeding, and so much more, allows us to provide continuity of care for our clients.”

Additional services now available to clients also include blood pressure readings, diabetic monitoring, and Foley catheter maintenance. To see a complete list of skilled nursing services that are now being offered, please CLICK HERE.

Caring for every aspect of our client’s needs

Staff performing these services will be working under the direction of each client’s physician and will be supervised by Care & Comfort at Home’s Registered Nurse and Nursing Supervisor, Suzette Conroy.

“I can not express enough how excited I am to be a part of Care & Comfort at Home’s new nursing venture,” Conroy commented. “Having our nursing license will open up so many great opportunities for our agency, our caregivers, and our clients. We will now have the ability to treat every aspect of our client’s needs, both medically and non-medically, while keeping continuity within our agency. I am beyond grateful and extremely honored to be able to extend this service to our clients and the communities we serve.”

Care & Comfort at Home services also include non-nursing care, such as medication reminders, personal care, showering assistance, transfers, companionship, meal preparation, laundry, and light housekeeping.

Contact us to learn more!

To learn more and take advantages of these new nursing services, please call us at 630-333-9262 or contact us via our website by clicking HERE.