Choosing respite care

Deciding to choose respite care can be a difficult decision for some family caregivers. Common negative emotions include guilt on the part of the caregiver and sometimes anger or sadness on the part of those receiving the care. However, continuing to do caregiving without taking time for relaxation and rejuvenation can be unhealthy for both the caregiver and the care receiver, as feelings of resentment could inadvertently diminish the quality of the care being given.

Fortunately, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans provides respite services in order to give your family caregiver a break from the often daunting task of caring for a loved one.


What exactly is “respite”?

Respite is a short time of rest from a difficult task. Everyone needs the occasional break from his or her daily routine. The family caregiver is especially prone to “burn out” due to the stress from his or her duties. Respite is a break from those duties, so that the caregiver can rest the mind, body, and spirit.

Respite care is temporary. It is intermittent or regularly scheduled visits that are not medically related.


How does Care & Comfort at Home help?

Our fully trained professional caregivers first come to your home to get to know both you and the receiver of care, as well as your home environment. After the assessment, a professional care provider is selected that best fits both the needs and the personality of the care receiver. Then the period of time for the respite care is scheduled.

The respite period can be hours, days or even weeks or months. It can allow a caregiver just a little time to take care of their own needs… Or, it can provide a much longer period so that a caregiver can take a true vacation and perhaps even travel. In all cases, the caregiver has peace of mind, knowing that his or her loved one is receiving quality care and is safe.


What are some examples of respite services?

Just a few of the services that can help include:

  • grooming, bathing, and toilet assistance.
  • helping with bedtime and morning routines.
  • providing meals and feeding.
  • running small errands, such as to the store or the post office.
  • performing light housekeeping.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of respite services are numerous. The in-home care professional aids with the demanding responsibility of providing for a loved one’s needs. That enables him or her to continue living in the home. Understanding the family routine — from how food is prepared to where the medicine is kept — helps our in-home care providers give the best care and protect a person’s safety, despite the absence of a family caregiver.

In this way, our professional caregivers not only help the person directly receiving the care, but also the family member who is responsible for giving that care.


What can you expect?

The family caregiver receives a much needed break. The overwhelming emotions of caregiving are lifted. Burdens are eased. The family member now has a fully qualified, professional “partner” in the caregiving process.

Studies have shown that this type of care is most beneficial to all the family members. Many consider the professional caregiver to be a welcome addition to the family! We strive to make this time in everyone’s life easier and more enjoyable. Feel free to call our staff at 630-333-9262 anytime to discuss how we may be of service to you. We can help!