David Hachmeister, owner

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans


“Consistency” is a word that we hear frequently when we as an in-home care agency talk to families about what they hope for their loved ones. As we age, change becomes more threatening and confusing. Having the same things done the same way is very reassuring to vulnerable people who are upclose to their mortality. How you like your toast might appear to be a subtle consideration, but it’s actually quite important. We understand this.

Encouraging consistent relationships

In keeping with the importance of consistency, our company policy is to keep a Caregiver-client relationship together unless one becomes unhappy with that relationship. Things sometimes happen that make this impossible to maintain in every circumstance: people get sick, move, or have personal or family issues. However, you have our assurance that if it’s reasonably possible, we will keep the Caregiver and the client together whenever possible. Just like you, we really dislike the idea of having a “revolving door” of Caregivers, with clients constantly needing to start fresh care relationships.

In fact, our focus on maintaining just one Caregiver-client relationship for as long as possible makes Care & Comfort at Home unique from other care agencies. Many other agencies insist on changing care providers often — even when the relationship is going well and beneficial to your loved one.

Looking out for our clients’ best interests

It is in both your and our best interest to have Caregiver consistency in providing high-quality care. This is best served by a Caregiver who knows all the little nuances that surround a particular client. When choosing Care & Comfort at Home as an agency for your loved one’s care, you can be sure that this policy of maintaining consistent care will always be a top priority. Contact us today to learn more, by calling 630-333-9262 in the Chicagoland area and 720-788-0611 in the Denver area — or just CLICK HERE to contact us via our online form.