Deduct Us!

David Hachmeister, owner

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

Are you using or considering the use of a private caregiver over an agency? You might want to rethink that, for several reasons. And with tax season coming up, this following reason is both pertinent and timely.


Professional in-home care can be tax deductible

Most people are not aware that having a professional agency care for your loved one might be a deductible expense. In certain tax brackets, the net cost of in-home care can be reduced by about a quarter or more. All that’s needed is a signed doctor’s note, indicating that in-home care is warranted. The tax savings can work out very well for all concerned.

Besides the tax benefits, the pluses received by using a high-quality agency are numerous. Let’s look at the just a few of the benefits our clients receive, solely because they’ve chosen us, as an agency, over a private caregiver.

More reasons why choosing an in-home care agency makes good sense

Most care agencies, including our own — Care & Comfort at Home — provide the following:

  •  Immediately available Caregiver backups.
  • Managerial oversight and review of care plans and quality of care.
  • Liability insurance coverage, as well as workman’s compensation and the completion of any necessary government forms.
  • Training of our Caregivers.
  • Dealing with the interview process, which might apply to a virtually endless line of applicants.
  • Grappling with insurance companies on your behalf — and accepting insurance, in the first place!
  • Via our Chicagoland agency, skill nursing services and R.N. care reviews are also available.

Rather than direct confrontation with a Caregiver, all the benefits mentioned above, along with any other necessary changes and requests, are coordinated and handled by our management staff.

Leave the difficulty of choosing a Caregiver to us!

We have found over the years that more than half of the seemingly qualified candidates don’t even show up for the first interview! Among those who do show up, we weed out well more than another half. If you think this is difficult for us, just think of how hard it would be for you, probably doing this for the first time and under the stress and strain of caring or worrying about a loved one.  Let us go to work for you. We can help!

To learn more about what Care & Comfort at Home, as an agency, can do for you or your loved one, contact us today by calling 630-333-9262 in the Chicago area, 720-492-0080 in the Denver area, or just click HERE to contact us via our online form for either location.