Exciting, affordable technology helps more older adults stay in their own homes

Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans is currently introducing new technology designed to deliver important services to older adults who wish to remain and live in their own homes.

Known as “CareAssurance™,” the Internet-based technology provides a “smart” home monitoring and remote care system, which is tailored to the needs of each client. Services offered include medication reminders, wellness checks, assistance during emergencies, detection of falls and seizures, and quick communication with family members.

In the past, such assistance for older adults living on their own was only available via a “live,” in-home caregiver. For some, having an in-home caregiver is economically out of reach, and for others, their needs don’t yet warrant having a person stay in their home for hours at a time.

But thanks to this new technology, seniors and others in need of assistance at home have a new, better option — the ability to receive just the help they require, without the added costs of an in-person caregiver.

When expressing his feelings about the new technology, David Hachmeister, owner of Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans, said, “We are very excited to offer CareAssurance as a money-saving option for our clients and their families. We are now able to offer everything from an occasional remote check-in to 24-hour monitoring. We can keep clients safe in a designated area, watch for falls, and see risks before they cause accidents and much more. CareAssurance is a flexible and creative way to provide loved ones with an extra layer of protection when a caregiver is not there in person.”

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