Finding the Answer to “Now What?” for Your Loved One — and For You

Woman facing questions

By Jack Keenan, Contributing Writer

“Now what?”

If you’re responsible for a loved one who has become dependent due to old age or a disability, “Now what?” is probably a question you ask yourself on a daily basis. You might be experiencing more and more negative emotions, such as anger, worry, and helplessness, along with ever-increasing fatigue. What can you do? Shall you continue on this journey until an answer miraculously reveals itself? Should you wait until — out of desperation — you feel forced to do something about the situation — and risk making a decision that you regret?

Perhaps you’ve already decided to get the help your loved one — and you — desperately need. But what exactly is that help? What does it look like? How do you help the one you love and help yourself? Placing a loved one in a nursing home is probably NOT a solution that you would ever consider, but then, what is?

A dignified and respectful answer: in-home care

Personally, I’ve come to learn that there is a very dignified and respectful answer to the question of “Now what?” in the form of an in-home caregiver.

Knowing all too well the feelings of leaving an elderly loved one to fend for himself, even temporarily, had me conjuring up “worst-case scenarios”: Am I going to find the home burnt down to the ground because he tried to cook a meal? Will I show up at his door, only to find that he’s gone missing? Will days go by with him suffering in agony, unbeknownst to me because he lives alone?

The stress created by those scenarios lifts considerably once you know your loved one’s needs are being handled by a professional — specifically, a professional in-home caregiver. A fulfilling, independent life is again possible for your loved one. Just as important, a fulfilling, independent life will be yours again, too!

We can help!

Let the qualified and experienced at-home caregivers from Care & Comfort at Home be the answer to your “Now what?” question. Click HERE to contact us or just give us a call at 630-333-9262 for our Chicagoland location or 720-492-0080 for our Denver area location. A staff member is available now — 24/7 — to talk to you live about finding solutions that can help your loved one and you.