First instinct

David Hachmeister

by David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

Perhaps the most difficult part of our in-home care business for seniors and veterans is finding great caregivers. We do all the quantitative things we can. We do all we can to check background information. We look for language proficiency and skills. We provide training.

The insight of instinct

However, we also rely heavily on the good instincts of our Agency Director, Carissa Dalenberg. Her instincts are now honed by 15 years of hiring experience. So even after hundreds of hires, we come back to the same sound principle: Follow your gut.

A little test

Moreover, we came up with a unique — if a bit clumsy — idea for a little test that we can silently administer to prospective employees. While asking questions, the interviewer drops a pencil or a piece of paper onto the floor. What happens next would be important information for the hiring process. Does the interviewee do nothing? Or, does he or she immediately act to help by reaching for the item that fell? Is the person proactive and assertive in his or her instinctive responses to help — or not?

The inclination to help

We haven’t tried this little test in the real world yet, but we do think it could be very illuminating. There are many metrics to look at, but we think this test might be the most telling. We don’t want passive caregivers. We want people whose first instinct is to help.

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