Six unique gift ideas for older adults

by Patricia LaCroix, Contributing Writer

Are you having trouble coming up with a good gift for the special older person in your life? Great! This is your opportunity to get creative and look beyond bath salts and fuzzy slippers, and instead, give a gift that your loved one will truly enjoy. Here are six unique gift ideas that you can use to make any day extra-special for the seniors in your life!

Event tickets — and a way to get there

Most seniors would love to get out of the house. But that’s not always easy for them to do. After a certain age, most don’t drive. Some have trouble walking and getting around without a cane or a walker. Others are completely wheel-chair bound.

But that doesn’t mean that they are content always at home. Their spirits and minds still long for interesting, stimulating, and entertaining sights and activities.

Therefore, a great gift would be not only the invitation to attend an event outside the home — but the means to make going to the event safer and easier than if they attempted to do so on their own. And of course, you would accompany them to the event, to make the experience all-the-more social, enjoyable, and secure.

Many senior care businesses, including Care & Comfort at Home, offer transportation as one of our services. So, if you feel any apprehension transporting the senior yourself, hiring an additional, experienced caregiver can make transporting your loved one to the event go smoothly.

What might the senior what to experience? Stage plays, movies, museums, fairs, hobby conventions, orchestra performances — the list really is endless. Just put yourself in the senior’s shoes and ask, “What does this person love? Where do his or her interests lie? What did they do and go to see when they were younger and more mobile?” Those questions will give you the answer to which event they would now love to see now — if only they could get there.

A clean home

There’s a saying: A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. It’s hard to have a good, peaceful state-of-mind when your home is messy. And, a dirty home is also an unhealthy home. But, unfortunately, as people age, keeping a home clean and organized gets more and more difficult. As a result, many older adults find their environment to be less clean and less tidy than they’d like it to be. Many simply resign themselves to the situation; some get to the point of not even noticing the deterioration of their home.

But you could help with that! A wonderful and well-received gift to give a senior is the gift of a tidy, clean house. If you have the time, you can provide that yourself. But if you don’t, again, there are many businesses, including Care & Comfort at Home, that offer light housekeeping as a service. That would include washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, straightening up, and even doing laundry. What a relief for many seniors that physically have trouble keeping up their own homes!

It’s also a nice surprise to offer to someone who has been in the hospital or a rehab center for a while. What a great feeling it is to come home to a clean house or apartment!

Tools that make life easier

There’s another saying: Getting old ain’t for sissies. It’s not easy getting older. As the years go by, it gets harder and harder to do things you once took for granted. Reaching up for items, bending over, being able to see things clearly — everything is just a little more difficult. So much for the so-called “golden years”!

But, if you can make everyday life just a little easier, how great a gift would that be? Talk to your loved one, and ask what’s been troublesome. They probably will be more than willing to get off their chest the things that are getting difficult to do.

And then, armed with that information, check out what solutions might exist. You’d be surprised how many little gadgets are out there, designed specifically to make life easier, especially for seniors. There are magnifying glasses, some with a light attached, to improve reading; tools to help reach items too far away; clocks and telephones with extra large numbers; a tool to help put on your socks; gadgets to see who is at your front door without answering it; and so much more!

As a practical gift, they will use the tool you provided every day — maybe even several times a day — and each time, they will be reminded of you.

Security via technology

Thanks to modern technology, one of the very newest tools to be offered soon from Care & Comfort at Home is affordable security. Virtual home monitoring provides seniors — and anyone else who needs a little assistance at home — with helpful services throughout the day, including medication reminders, wellness checks, and emergency notifications (such as fire, smoke, or falls).

This service is coming soon, but you can CONTACT US NOW, either via our web form or by calling us at 630-333-9262, to be first in line to order this amazing technology. It can be a real game-changer for a senior loved one, as it provides an affordable, obtainable, healthier and more secure lifestyle, while also giving you, the senior’s family member, great peace of mind.


Everybody eats. But unfortunately, seniors don’t always eat as well as they should. There are various reasons for that — sometimes it’s due to a lack of funds (healthy food is often expensive food), and for others, it’s a matter of making poor food choices. Appetite also tends to get diminished as one grows older.

So it’s important to ensure that a good meal is on the table. One way to help is with a gift card specifically for a grocery store. That way, the senior will have the necessary funds to be able to buy wholesome, healthy food.

And to put the meal on the table, if your senior loved one no longer can prepare food, you can either treat them to your own home cooking, or you can hire one of the many care providers at Care & Comfort at Home who love to cook! Food preparation is, yet again, one of our many services.

The gift of your time

In a holiday card, write down a deliberate and intentional DATE and TIME when you will come over to visit the older adult and do something special with or for the senior. This could include coming over to share a special meal, watch a sports event or favorite program or movie on T.V., take the senior out for a walk, read them a book, or talk about “the good ol’ days” — any “experience” that could make the senior’s life more joyful and less stressful.

Why the deliberate date and time? Because if you offer them something like a “coupon” for a good deed, out of being polite or purely out of forgetfulness, the senior might never “cash it in” and take you up on the offer. Many times, it’s embarrassing for seniors to “ask” for help, especially after a lifetime of independence. And yet, they still know that they do need help, and will accept it if it is given outright.

By giving them a firm date and time to be with them, it’s more than just an “offer” — it’s a done deal. The senior will know that you are coming over, when you are coming over —and won’t have to ask you to do so. You just do it.

Companionship gets hard to come by when you are advanced in age. Your time, your presence, and your love could be the most awesome gifts of all to your older loved one. Take these gift ideas into consideration, and if Care & Comfort at Home can provide the gift you’d like to give, contact us by clicking HERE or call us at 630-333-9262 today!