Five of the funniest TV game show moments

vintage TV set

According to a study done back in the 1980s by the National Institute of Justice,  TV game shows were particularly popular among older adults — especially senior women. And it’s really no wonder that their popularity among older adults continues today. Games and puzzles are a great way for seniors to keep their minds engaged and active. And shows like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and The Price Is Right can be both fun and funny to watch! So let’s take the time to relive some of that fun by revisiting and counting down five of the funniest TV game show moments!

#5 — Jeopardy: Best poker face

On this episode of Jeopardy, the final Jeopardy “answer” is: “When the future State of Iowa became part of the United States, this man was president.” All three contestants get it right, but check out the poker face on the last contestant!


#4 — Wheel of Fortune: A horse of a different color

On Wheel of Fortune, identical wrong guess after wrong guess, all involving the color of a horse, causes frustrated host Pat Sajak to walk off the stage!

#3 — Deal or No Deal: Turning a lemon into… a model?

On Deal or No Deal, this lucky contestant isn’t quite sure what… or who… she’s won!

#2 — Let’s Make a Deal: Graduates of the Elaine Benes School of Dance

On Let’s Make a Deal, these contestants compete to see who can dance the best… and you just have to watch, as mere words don’t do their dancing skills justice!

#1 — The Price Is Right: Fan-tastic

This man is obviously the biggest fan The Price Is Right has ever had — and probably the best contestant it’s ever had, too! Just watch…

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