Growing vulnerable together

David Hachmeister

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

One of the many tragedies in life is when couples start bickering late in a marriage. They might have been happy for decades, but with the kids gone and work life over, suddenly the next steps seem daunting — even more so as one sees a formally methodical spouse forget where he or she left a cup or once again misplaced a wallet.

A reflection of our own vulnerability

The bickering starts because of the human vulnerability we see across the dinner table reflects our own. It’s not easy to see someone you have relied on for decades suddenly seem so human. It’s even harder for most of us to acknowledge that we too have crossed into a stage of life requiring some help with things we have done easily and without assistance since childhood.

Earning the right of dependency

There is some comfort in the knowledge that if you have lived this long, you have probably earned your dependency and that millions of others are doing the same. Still, we struggle as the path is shorter, but so much more difficult. When late-life aging happens to others, we have sympathy; when it happens to us, it is primal and devastating.

Maintaining the fullness of life

Here at Care & Comfort at Home, we tell people we can help. All this means is that we can keep your life close to as vital and open as your past self for a while longer. We represent staying in the fullness of your life, not in the diminishment. Contact us — we can help.

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