In-home care helps married couples stay together

older married couple

“In sickness and in health… until death do us part.” These marriage vows get seriously threatened when older couples find themselves in decline due to old age and illness.

The not-so-golden years

It’s been said that growing old isn’t for sissies. It’s true — old age brings its unique challenges. As we age, we face the onset of various age-related diseases. We are more susceptible to illness. We also tend to lose the ability to do things well for ourselves. And, it becomes increasingly difficult to do things well for others, too.

For a married couple, this means that one spouse or both spouses might be struggling with health problems.  Often, one of the spouses will become the caregiver to the needier spouse. But that doesn’t mean that the caregiving spouse is able to care well for the other. Nor does it mean that the caregiving spouse is not in need of care as well.

Older couples force apart due to illness and age

It’s sad to think that an illness can force a married couple apart, but that can be the case when a spouse cannot meet the needs of the ill partner. Take, for instance, Alzheimer’s patients. A husband or wife who suffers from Alzheimer’s might need to be placed in a care facility, away from his or her spouse. For the spouse that remains at home, this situation can foster many negative feelings, such as guilt and loneliness.

However, there is also the older spouse who soldiers on, dedicated to the care of his or her ill partner at home, despite suffering from decline as well. It’s not unusual for the health and well-being of these caregivers to be compromised, so much so that he or she is now worse than the other spouse. And it’s not unheard of for the caregiving spouse to pass away before the “ill” spouse does, while he or she was still officially in the role of care provider.

In-home care can help older adults stay together longer

There must be a better way — and thankfully, there is. The advent of in-home care on a large scale has made solutions for such situations available and viable. Through a care agency such as Care & Comfort at Home, a caregiver can come to take care of one or both of the marriage partners — right there in their own home.

Services provided range from grooming, to cooking and eating assistance, to running errands (click HERE to see a complete list of ways Care & Comfort at Home can help). In receiving these services, the couple is ensured that they can remain safe and cared for, at home — together. Thanks to the additional care for both partners, they can find themselves able to stay together much longer than if they had no care whatsoever.

Care & Comfort at Home — we can help!

The poet Robert Browning wrote, “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be…” As these older couples promised each other long ago in their youth, may they continue to grow old together — even  in sickness — until death do they part. Thanks to the services of Care & Comfort at Home, we can help such married couples remain living at home, together.

We provide services to both the Chicago and Denver areas. And in Chicago, we are even able to provide skilled nursing services, that can make staying together that much easier and hopeful. To learn more about how we can help, call 630-333-9262 if you are in the Chicago area, 720-492-0080 if you are in the Denver area, and for both locations, contact us online by clicking HERE!