Is it time to care for a loved one? We can help!

by David Hachmeister
Owner, Care & Comfort at Home

One of the most difficult transitions in life is moving from the role of being a son or daughter of Mom and Dad to the role of being a care provider for them. Being a son or daughter is forever, but changing roles from being provided for to being the provider is never easy.

 When we were little children, Mom and Dad were mythically strong and wise. As we grew into teenagers, suddenly they seemed to know less than we did and were totally uncool. As we moved through life, our parents gradually seemed wise again, and they found that we would often turn to them for advice about our own children.

Now that you are grown and they have aged, you and they may be entering that next stage where you become the provider for one or both of your parents. Now is when you are noticing them experiencing achiness while they get out of their favorite chair, feeling for the wall when they walk, or misplacing things with greater regularity. Perhaps it is time for you to assume the role of caretaker and to begin making decisions for your loved one. Whether it means taking the keys to the car, taking over their checkbook, or assuming the role of the decision-maker regarding their health, the changes are unyielding and certain to come.

 Taking on those extra responsibilities for a loved one can be overwhelming when you are trying to balance your own life — between your job, family life, and all the other expected and unexpected things that life can bring. That’s where we can help.

 At Care and Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans, we recognize these challenging and shifting family dynamics and do all we can to ease the process. Whether you need just a little help once a week with errands or full 24/7 care, Care and Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans is ready to step in to meet you and your loved one’s needs. We stress the importance of the details of the care that we offer, including carefully tailored caregiver to client matching based on personality, experience, and the client’s needs. We are on call 24/7 to address any issues that may arise for you or your loved one.

 If you find yourself in the role of being the caregiver for your parent and you’re needing a little extra help, call us at 630-333-9262. We can help.