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The peaceful rewards of living with goodwill

David Hachmeister

by David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

With all the loud noise and frequent cantankerousness on both sides of the political spectrum so amplified by the media, you would think no one is getting along.

Kindness still exists

The truth is almost the exact opposite. We find people — quiet people — earnestly trying to show deference and kindness to each other. We see it in the simple acts of strangers: holding open doors or giving a polite smile and a nod —and perhaps taking a little extra notice and helping a grandmother move slowly across the room.

A reverent, caring spirit

In a public world that seems to worship rebellion and revere irreverence, the truly reverent quietly go about their business of making peoples’ lives better. We sense that reverent spirit in our caregivers. That is a very strong intangible that we must sense in our caregivers before hiring. It is impossible to quantify and imperfectly determined, but it’s deeply needed and appreciated.

The completeness of peace

The media outlets make a lot of money by stirring up animus amongst us. Goodwill and kind sentiments aren’t the shrill attention-getters that seem to sell very well to their audiences. Good deeds and kind actions don’t grab and shake us; rather, they envelope our spirits in peace. How much do you need to buy a sponsor’s product or want to listen to angry rhetoric if your spirit is at peace?

Our mission is to bring a measure of peace and comfort to each household we serve. While we don’t have a megaphone agitate on millions at once, we do have the people and the spirit to help each special person and family we care for.

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