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My friend’s tears of joy

By Jack Keenan, Contributing Writer

“Tears of joy!” exclaimed my friend in reply to what I thought was a very benign question. She followed with “I can’t begin to tell you the difference.” I had merely asked her how her mother was doing. She had agonized over the not-so-abrupt decision to hire an in-home caregiver, having realized over a period of time that her mother’s independence wasn’t making a comeback.

On  previous occasions, my friend would tell me that the thought of placing her mother in a nursing home was affecting her everyday life. She felt as though she were writing the last chapter of a book — a chapter that nobody wants to write, let alone read. So she decided instead to hire an in-home caregiver for her mother.

On this day she continues, “Now, it’s as if she has a new friend, and all my burdens have been lifted.”  Her mom does have a new friend, and a very special one at that — a friend that takes care of her needs. And now life for my friend goes on without the constant worry.

I got to thinking, once again, that some people assume that in-home care is only for the wealthy. That assumption is incorrect. A nursing home can be much more costly.  But, in my opinion, the best reason of all to hire an in-home caregiver is so your loved ones can remain in their home while they write that last chapter of life.



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