Our Denver office is a year old!

David Hachmeister, owner

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

Not too long ago, my wife and I moved to Colorado to be closer to our daughter. It was very difficult to leave friends and the Chicagoland Care & Comfort at Home location behind.

Fortunately, my business partner, Carissa Dalenberg, remains at our Chicagoland office in Elmhurst, Illinois. Her vast capabilities and experience with in-home care has meant no diminution of the quality of care we provide. Indeed, we are growing and now have added Registered Nurse Suzette Conroy to the Chicago-area staff to oversee our newly licensed nursing care division.

As for Colorado, our Denver-area agency here in Lakeland is now a year old! Our Agency Director Jill Finan has combined great warmth of heart, organizational skills, and dedication to give our Denver office a great start. While I am still actively involved with the Elmhurst agency, I’ve also enjoy helping Jill get this new agency location off and running.

You have my personal commitment that both agencies will hold the same high standards and priorities. We use money that other in-home care companies spend on marketing to instead hire better care providers. We are not a franchise; we don’t have to answer to a national entity. You can easily talk to me or Carissa — a true owner of the company and a final decision-maker regarding your care needs. We are looking to grow, but only so far as we can manage your needs with the personal attention they deserve.

If you live in the Denver or the Chicagoland area, and find that you or your loved one needs care to stay at home, we can help! In the Denver area, call us at 720-492-0080. In the Chicago area, call 630-333-9262. And for both areas, you can click HERE to contact us online.