December 2019 Denver Area Activities for Older Adults

The holiday season has arrived! And so have lots of holiday-themed activities and events in Denver and its surrounding suburbs that everyone, including seniors, will love. We at Care & Comfort at Home have found quite a few that we would like to share with you! So please check out our list of December 2019 Denver Area activities for older adults. Enjoy! And may you and your loved ones have very happy holidays. . . . READ THE REST

December 2019 Chicagoland Activities for Older Adults

While it seems like winter came sooner rather than later in Chicagoland, that's no reason to abandon all the great Holiday activities and events coming up. Care & Comfort at Home has taken the time to specifically find ones that will make this time of year more joyful for seniors. So check out our list of December 2019 Chicagoland activities for older adults — and Happy Holidays to you all. . . . READ THE REST

Guarding Your Medicare Information

With so much of our contact information saved by virtual means, the problem of identity theft has become more and more prevalent — and it has no age barriers. Identity theft is a serious crime that can affect anyone of any age. One way to help protect yourself or someone you love from identity theft to is make sure that all Medicare information is kept private and guarded. If you are older or care for someone who is, here are some important things to know about guarding Medicare information. . . . READ THE REST

When HIV and AIDS Affect Older Adults

You might think of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS) to be problems that only young people need to worry about. However, the truth is that anyone of any age can be infected with HIV, and as people with the infection grow older, people of all ages can find themselves needing to manage the condition. Nearly half of people living with HIV in the United States are age 50 and older. Many of them were diagnosed with HIV in their younger years. However, thousands of older people get HIV every year. . . . READ THE REST

November 2019 Denver Area Activities for Older Adults

Looking for some great things to do and places to go in and around Denver with an older loved one? Look no more! Every month, we here at Care & Comfort at Home find and share activities, events, and venues in the Denver area that older adults are sure to enjoy! As November approaches, you know snow is soon to follow. So get out while the getting is good! Here is our list of November 2019 Denver activities for older adults. . . . READ THE REST


“Consistency” is a word that we hear frequently when we as an in-home care agency talk to families about what they hope for their loved ones. As we age, change becomes more threatening and confusing. Having the same things done the same way is very reassuring to vulnerable people who are upclose to their mortality. How you like your toast might appear to be a subtle consideration, but it's actually quite important. We understand this. . . . READ THE REST

November 2019 Chicagoland Activities for Older Adults

As a caregiver for an older love one, you might be searching for new ideas for activities you can do with him or her outside of the home. We here at Care & Comfort at Home can appreciate that! So once a month, we search for places to go and things you can do — together — right here in Chicagoland. . . . READ THE REST

Remembering TV Shows Through the Ages

It's fun to reminisce about happy times, and as we get older, it seems that we do it more and more. If you care for an older adult, you might find that they like thinking back to joyful past times. In fact, while sufferers of dementia might have trouble with short-term memories, their long-term memories are often quite good! Sharing those memories can help an older adult feel more like themselves again. . . . READ THE REST

Self Care for Caregivers: How to Take Care of Yourself While You Care for Someone Else

As a caregiver for someone else, it can be quite easy for you to get lost in the care of the other person, while neglecting your own self care. But the truth is, you can't do a good job caring for someone else, if you don't take care of yourself as well. Here are some tips to ensure that you are taking care of yourself just as well as you take care of others. . . . READ THE REST

It Pays to Be a Senior! 2019 Discounts that Help Older Adults Save Money

If you dwell on the negative side of things, you might say to yourself, "What's so great about being older?" Even if you don't think so, there are some benefits in being a senior — and a one big benefit of being an older adult is the savings you get to enjoy. Many establishments and vendors offer discounts on their products and services to people who are over a certain age — sometimes as young as 50.  There are lots of ways to save money simply because you are older. . . . READ THE REST