Study Finds Link Between Gum Disease and Dementia

The reasons to take good care of your teeth and gums as you age were numerous already. Healthy teeth are important for eating properly and getting good nutrition in food. The loss of teeth necessitates costly and burdensome replacements. Unhealthy gums can be linked to issues such as heart disease and can increase one's risks of infection. Now add the risk of developing dementia to the list of problems caused by gum disease. . . . READ THE REST

Dealing with the Loss of Independence as We Age

“I’ve always taken care of myself.” Our work can be quite frustrating. In a recent visit with a 90-odd-year-old woman still living independently, I was faced repeatedly with that sentence. Her poor adult kids who had run out of ideas for providing her with care were planning to be gone for two weeks. They knew Mom could no longer be left alone for extended periods of time. Their anxiety was palpable. They needed to go, but they knew their mom’s intractability put her at great risk. . . . READ THE REST

Preventing Heart Disease as You Age

The aging process brings about many physical changes in a person's body. Blood pressure might start to increase. Cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels might go up. So might one's weight and the ability to keep that weight off. And these same physical changes can also bring about a higher risk for heart disease. . . . READ THE REST

Why You Should Include Long-Term Care in Your Retirement Plan

When it comes to planning for retirement, many future retirees are concerned about their finances and their ability to maintain their current standard of living. But how many are concerned about their care? . . . READ THE REST

How In-Home Care Changes Lives for the Better

Providing services for the aged is not a new idea or trend. As early as the 17th century until our present time, enough concern has existed about caring for the elderly that various laws have been passed and social systems set up to help ensure that people get the care they need as they age. But it can also be argued that quality, availability and even affordability of elder care have increased as time has gone by and as the population of older adults has increased. . . . READ THE REST

Words of Wisdom of the Elderly Worth Hearing

In many cultures, including Native American, African, and Mediterranean societies, the elderly are revered because the wisdom that comes from their life experiences is understood and appreciated. People from these cultures realize that there is much to learn from our elders. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in American society. The elderly can often be seen as a disposable generation and dismissed as having nothing left to offer. . . . READ THE REST

Safer at Home

For the most part, Americans are in the “safer-at-home” mode of thinking. Many challenges are ahead, but many have already been met. In the midst of these times, many families are torn between having in-home care for an elderly loved one or sending that senior to receive out-of-home care at a nursing home or an assisted living facility. Which is better? What are the risks? . . . READ THE REST

Why Providing Memory Care at Home Might Be Better for Your Loved One with Dementia

While it might be a given that those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia need help, where that help needs to take place can be less apparent. It would be a quick and easy assumption to think that proper dementia care can only take place in a facility. But that's simply not true. In fact, there are a number of reasons why it makes sense for dementia patients to receive care and assistance right in their own homes. . . . READ THE REST

Scams to Watch Out for During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Opportunists. There are always people who take advantage of situations and fellow human beings, usually for their own benefit and often by using criminal means. The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly no exception. Beyond efforts to stay safe from the virus itself, we all must also remain vigilant against fraudulent attempts to monopolize on the COVID-19 situation and protect our hard-earned savings. . . . READ THE REST

5 Great Moms of the Golden Age of Television

Mother — an iconic character if there ever was one. TV, especially in its "Golden Age" (the late 1940s through the late 1950s), glorified moms and perpetuated the image of what it meant to be the matriarch of the all-American family. TV moms in the twentieth century were often well kept and put together, while being dedicated to their homes, dutiful to their children, and loyal to their husbands. They were sometimes funny — even sarcastic — and often wise in their own ways. Let's take a fun trip down memory lane to take a look back at five moms as television presented them to us so long ago. . . . READ THE REST

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