Aging in place: Modifying a home for older adults

According to a 2013 report by the Administration on Aging, only 4 percent of Americans age 65 or older are living in nursing homes.That's great news. It means, in part, that in-home care agencies such as Care & Comfort at Home are truly fulfilling their mission — that is, to help aging adults live in their own home, happy and healthy, for as long as possible.But if seniors want to remain at home (also known as "aging in place"), then their home also needs to be a safe and nurturing physical environment. . . . READ THE REST

Better food choices for older adults

You might already be familiar with dieting books and magazines that suggest that we eat certain foods in place of other foods. The premise is that making simple yet better choices about food can make a real difference in a person's health. . . . READ THE REST

July 2019 Denver area activities for older adults

The Fourth of July was probably a blast for many, but the month isn't over — and neither are the fun activities, events, and venues that everyone, including seniors, can enjoy in the Denver area. . . . READ THE REST

July 2019 Chicagoland Activities for Older Adults

Now that the Fourth of July has passed, it's easy to think that this month is "front-loaded" with activities, and that there's not much left to see or do. Not so! July is still packed full of activities, venues, and events that everyone, including older adults, can enjoy. So check out our list of just some of those July 2019 Chicagoland activities for older adults. . . . READ THE REST

There is more than hot dogs

July 4th is greatly appreciated as a holiday, especially for hot dog and baseball enthusiasts. For many years as a kid, I loved playing in my camp’s 4th of July double header — wool uniforms and all!  However, there are historical subtleties surrounding that pivotal day that radically changed the nature of the relationship between government and the governed. Our country's revolution made it clear that fiats of distant unelected rulers would no longer be tolerated by we, the people. What happened after was even more remarkable. . . . READ THE REST

Celebrating the 4th of July with seniors

Older adults love a good party, just like the rest of us! But when we get older, sometimes some of the things we enjoyed when we were younger, have to be enjoyed a little differently. A good case in point is the 4th of July and all of the activities and celebrations that surround our nation's Independence Day. . . . READ THE REST

Taking full advantage of benefits for seniors

Getting older isn't easy — but there is one plus: the special benefits that are available only to seniors. You might be surprised to learn just how many benefits they are, and the types that are available as well. . . . READ THE REST

How older adults can get help with the cost of prescription drugs

According to a survey taken between 2015 and 2016 by the National Center for Health Statistics, a staggering 85 percent of older adults over the age of 60 were using prescription medications. For many seniors, prescription drugs are a necessity for good health. In some cases, having to access to these medications can mean the difference between life and death. . . . READ THE REST

Is guardianship a good idea for your older loved one?

When it comes to guardianship — that is, having authority, duty, and responsibilities regarding another person's life — you might think of it in terms of help for one's own child, who might be physically or mentally disabled. But there's a place and time for guardianship to take place for the elderly as well. . . . READ THE REST

They are here

Every now and then we joke a little about our business by saying that 90 percent of it is just showing up. I don’t want to diminish that. Having a compassionate helper who shows up as needed is very valuable. By hiring us, our clients show that they get how valuable that is. We get the concept as well, but there is more to it than that. . . . READ THE REST