My friend’s tears of joy

"Tears of joy" exclaimed my friend in reply to what I thought was a very benign question. . . READ THE REST

Bathing a Person Who Has Alzheimer’s

At some point, a person with Alzheimer’s disease will need help bathing. Helping someone with Alzheimer’s disease take a bath or shower might be one of the most difficult caregiving tasks you'll have. Planning can help make bath time better for both of you. . . . READ THE REST

The Kindly Old Lady

It was an uneventful morning as I pulled up to park my car at a suburban Chicago nursing home. I was quite looking forward to seeing my grandfather, catch him up on family events, visit awhile, and generally gauge the status of his well being. . . . READ THE REST

Where Is Home?

Where is home? Does it mean where were you born, raised and educated?. . . READ THE REST

Caregiver love means laughter instead of tears so many other caregivers...sometimes you just have to laugh — or you might never stop crying. . . READ THE REST

Letting Go of Caregiver Responsibilities Also Means Letting Go of Guilt

I'm my father's only child. When my mother died in December 2009, there was no question as to what was to happen next. As the dutiful daughter, I invited my father to live with me and my family. On Christmas Eve, he moved in. . . READ THE REST

Are you a caregiver? Join a support group!

In our caregiver support group, we often talk about our caregiving experience as a journey. . . READ THE REST


Our March message from owner David Hachmeister: Welcome to Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans! . . . READ THE REST

Helping kids understand Alzheimer’s disease

When a family member has Alzheimer's disease, it affects everyone in the family, including children and grandchildren . . . READ THE REST

Helping family and friends understand Alzheimer’s disease

When you learn that someone has Alzheimer’s disease, you may wonder when and how to tell your family and friends. . . . READ THE REST