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Seven senior safety tips for Halloween

Halloween decorations

Happy Halloween! To help make this Halloween more fun and less scary for older adults, follow these seven simple tips to ensure senior safety:

Don’t answer the door alone.

Be sure that the senior is not alone on Halloween during the hours of Trick-or-Treating. Make it apparent by having someone within eyeshot when the door is open or by accompanying the senior when he or she goes to open the door. Another option is for someone else other than the senior to act as the greeter and hand out the candy. This is especially important if the senior is disabled but still wants to participate in Trick-or-Treating.

Don’t go outside.

When handing out candy, the senior should stay within the home on the inside of the threshold of the doorway.

Do keep the pathway clear.

To avoid falls or slips, make sure the pathway around the door is clear of any decorations or rugs that could be a hazard when coming and going. Make sure all pets are secured and can’t threaten to run outside or get under the senior’s feet.

Don’t allow strangers inside the home.

Even requests as innocent as the need to use the bathroom or the phone can put a senior’s safety at risk. Just say no.

Don’t light candles.

As pretty as they can be, candles, luminarias, and Jack-o’-Lanterns can be fire hazards. Stay safe by avoiding lit candles and other open flames.

Do keep the lights on.

By keeping the lights turned on, you make it clear that someone is at home. That sense of “activity” within the house will make it less likely for it to be a target for vandalism.

Do call the authorities, if necessary.

If the senior’s well-being or property is being threaten in any manner, don’t hesitate to call the police to report the trespassing.

Stay safe and have a fun time this Halloween!






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