Taking Away the Keys from Your Senior Loved One

David Hachmeister, owner

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

Sooner or later many of us will have to take away the car keys from at least one of our parents. The conversation you’ll have to have about this is a very difficult task. In our society, the ability to drive is very closely aligned with freedom — and few people willingly want to give any of their freedom away.

In retrospect, I was blessed with a mother who planned far ahead for her needs. She had set up all the procedures for the transition to assisted living. When I had this conversation with her, it went far easier than even I would have guessed.

Be loving but firm

When the time comes for you to have that same conversation with your family member, you may find that loving but firm tones can work wonders. You are acting out of love, and as such, your love and concern will be evident.

If you are asking yourself if you feel safe with Mom or Dad driving and the answer is an uncomfortable “no,” it’s time to steel yourself and have the discussion of what comes next. Like most of life, the transition is far more difficult to deal with than the outcome. The removal is very difficult, but the next step of providing transportation need not be.

Freedom is still possible

Our Caregivers at Care & Comfort at Home can drive your loved one anywhere he or she wants to go. Maybe it’s to a doctor’s appointment. Maybe it’s to the grocery store. Maybe it’s to church choir practice — at night. There’s no reason why your loved one still needs to drive —  and put lives in danger — when we can safely do the driving for him or her instead.

When we visit with your family to consult with you about our services and your options, we highlight this and all of the additional freedoms we can provide for your loved one. Maybe Mom quit singing in the choir she loved, solely because she knew she couldn’t drive safely at night. We can reopen that part of her life. We can help her feel free again.

We can help!

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