The differences between in-home non-medical care and skilled nursing

skilled nursing

By Patricia LaCroix, contributing writer

You’ve probably already heard of in-home care for the elderly and other adults in such need — but did you know that not all in-home care services are the same? And did you also know that not all in-home care agencies can provide all in-home care services?

It’s important to know what care is available from agency to agency, as well as what specific care you or your senior or veteran loved one truly needs. Just one of these types of care might not be enough.

This article explores the difference between two types of in-home care: non-medical in-home care, as well as another form of in-home care that’s most often called “skilled nursing.”

Care & Comfort at Home provides in-home care in the Chicago area and also in the Denver area. But we also provide in-home skilled nursing care in the Chicago area. Read on to learn more about what these two types of care are, as well as the differences between in-home non-medical care and skilled nursing, and why not all agencies can offer both kinds of care.

In-home non-medical care

The best way to describe in-home, non-medical care is to compare it to the daily tasks most able-bodied folks can do for themselves — such as cooking meals and feeding themselves, grooming themselves, or using the bathroom.

Of course, what comes easily to someone who is young and healthy can be a chore for someone who is older and suffering from an illness or chronic condition. When this happens, an agency like Care & Comfort at Home can provide these services and help seniors and veterans perform these tasks more easily, thanks to support and assistance.

Non-medical care services that can be provided in the home include:

  • Personal care, including grooming, showering, dressing, feeding, and toilet assistance
  • Transportation
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship
  • Respite care
  • Errands
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Transfers, including hoyer lifts, gait belts, and slide boards
  • These are the services that most in-home care agencies provide to their clients. Typically, the  caregivers who are hired to help with these services do not have to have any special sort of certification in order to assist clients with these tasks.

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In-home skilled nursing care

However,  there are often more services required of seniors and veterans that are more “medical” in nature than the ones listed above. These medical services are often referred to as “skilled nursing” care.

There are a number of services that fall under the specific category of skilled nursing, and once you know what they are, it’s easy to see why many older adults might need such services.

Here’s a list of many of the services that are provided as in-home skilled nursing care:

  • Setting up pill boxes and administering medications
  • Monitoring blood sugar
  • Taking blood pressure readings
  • Monitoring vital signs, such as temperature and pulse
  • Catheter and ostomy care
  • Wound care
  • Bathing of patients with skin problems
  • Assisting with passive range of motion exercises
  • Infusion
  • Injections and venipuncture
  • Preventive skin care
  • Application of prescribed support stockings
  • Assisting with special feeding needs
  • Assisting with nail care, including nail trimming (unless diabetic)
  • Application of prescribed medicated shampoo
  • Observation and assessment of client’s health needs
  • Positioning of client on bed, wheelchair, or furniture per plan of care
  • Educating client and family caregivers on medications, diet, disease process and related client self-care
  • Psychiatric evaluation, therapy, and education
  • Assisting with ambulation, including the use of adaptive equipment, such as walkers, canes, or wheelchairs

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Not all agencies are alike

Not all agencies can provide these medical services listed above. A special “home nursing” license in addition to  a home service agency license is necessary for a company to be able to extend such medical services to its clients.

Care & Comfort at Home in Elmhurst is proud to be able to say, we have an Illinois home nursing license! This allows us to provide these skilled nursing services to anyone who needs this sort of help throughout Chicagoland. Under the supervision of our Registered Nurse, our specialized staff can provide these medical tasks.

Being able to offer both in-home non-medical care and skilled nursing is something that makes Care & Comfort at Home in the Chicago area unique from many other in-home care agencies. Many seniors and veterans need more than non-medical help — and we can provide both. As we like to say — We can help! And now, we can help even more than ever before, and more than many other agencies can.

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