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The history of Flag Day

Each year on June 14, we celebrate “Flag Day” — the birthday of the Stars and Stripes, which came into being on June 14, 1777. At that time, the Second Continental Congress authorized a new flag to symbolize the new United States of America.

The first Flag Day

The first “Flag Day” celebration took place in Hartford, Connecticut in 1861, during the first summer of the Civil War. The first national (but still unofficial) observance of Flag Day occurred on June 14, 1877 — the centennial of the original flag resolution.

By the mid 1890’s, the observance of Flag Day on June 14 was a popular event. Mayors and governors began to issue proclamations in their jurisdictions to recognize and celebrate the birthdate of the flag.

As the years passed

In the years to follow, public sentiment for an official national Flag Day observance greatly intensified. Numerous patriotic societies and veterans groups became identified with the Flag Day movement. Since their main objective was to stimulate patriotism among the young, schools were the first to become involved in flag activities.

Congress designates June 14 as Flag Day

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation calling for a nationwide observance of Flag Day on June 14. It was not until 1949 that Congress made this day a permanent observance by resolving “That the 14th day of June of each year is hereby designated as Flag Day.” The measure was signed into law by President Harry Truman.

Although Flag Day is not celebrated as a Federal holiday. Americans everywhere continue to honor the history and heritage it represents by flying the Stars and Stripes.

Honoring the flag and our veterans

Here at Care and Comfort at Home, we feel that honoring the history of the U.S. flag goes hand and hand with honoring and caring for our veterans who fought to make sure that the Stars and Stripes would fly over our homeland forever. As such, we take our commitment to the men and women who served our country very seriously. We are proud to be able to care for our veterans in their homes as a “preferred provider” for the VA. And we’ve partnered up with an organization that helps veterans get the benefits that they so richly deserve.

We thank our U.S. military veterans for protecting our flag, our country, and our freedom!

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