The little yellow plastic scoop — and why small things matter

David Hachmeister

by David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

After my wife’s recent knee surgery, she encountered a new burden of what was once an easy task: climbing stairs in our three-story townhouse. Because of her immobility, I suddenly became a 24/7 care-provider; my new duties included cooking, cleaning, helping my wife shower, and more.  As her recovery continues, my time and effort as a caregiver have already been reduced.

But during this challenging time, there was an odd little outcome.

The little yellow plastic scoop that wasn’t so “little”

We ran out of coffee in one bag, so I opened a new one. Not being a coffee drinker and not having made coffee in a long time, I tossed the old coffee bag, along with the little yellow measuring cup inside. I had expected to find another cup inside the new bag. I was wrong. When I asked about it, my wife said that there hasn’t been a scoop in the bags for quite some time. I could see in her face that this scoop meant something to her, especially in her vulnerable state. I realized that thousands of cups of coffee had been made each morning for many, many years using this little yellow plastic scoop.

So to the recycling bin I went, diving for that little piece of plastic. Fortunately, I found it. It struck me how important seemingly insignificant items can be, especially as we get older. So often, these small things have wonderful memories and tons of significance associated with them — and that’s why they are so valuable to their owners.

We know that small things matter to you

We at Care and Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans recognize that some of the smallest, oddest things might be of great value to out clients. The ability to sense the value in small things is a unique, intuitive skill — one that we want our Caregivers to possess for the sake of our clients. This special empathetic view denotes a major differentiation between an average care provider and the kind of care provider we would want in own homes — and want to send to yours.

If you need a care provider that has a similar kind and sensitive perspective toward you or your loved one, we can help! Contact us today by CLICKING HERE, or give us a call! Dial 630-333-9232 if you are in the Chicago area, or call 720-492-0080 if you are in the Denver area.