The Ne’er Do Well Nephew

Owner David Hachmeister

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

It is a familiar story. Grandma needs care. Her cognitive abilities have slipped, so much so that her family now has enough concerns to realize that calling a professional caregiver would be the right thing to do.

Then someone remembers the nephew who cannot seem to get his act together, who also happens to needs work and a place to stay.

On the surface, this seems to solve two problems at once. The nephew gets housing (with Grandma) and something to do (caring for her), while Grandma gets someone (the nephew) to keep an eye on her.

In our idealistic hearts, the nephew is transformed by the experience, and a wonderful new bond is created.

But experience says the nephew might be a help for a while (emphasis on “might”), but that usually changes for the worse in just a little time. I cannot say it never works, but that’s seldom, if ever, the outcome.

In many cases, both problems are compounded. Too frequently the ne’er do well sees this as an opportunity to be an even bigger goof. Unless you are prepared to strictly monitor the household, professional care is a far better option.

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