Thoughts on this Veterans Day…

Owner David Hachmeister

The war was finally over. At long last, Mary and her husband felt comfortable enough to go out for the evening. Many had fallen. They rode together and chatted as they enjoyed some of their first few moments away from the hell of the previous years. They were able to laugh.

While they were enjoying the theater, just like a lightning strike after the storm has passed, her husband, Abraham, collapsed in her lap, struck by the bullet sent from John Wilkes Booth.

And so the remnants of war linger on for all who have been in its path. Some bruised, some scarred, and many leaving an empty chair at the family supper.

Today, we simply thank and honor those who have taken the task of military service, neither for glory nor triumph, but rather that those they love should be free. God’s plan for us is that we should be at peace with each other. It is found in the resolution of all people to absorb the cruelties of war and never to pass them on.

Best regards,

David Hachmeister
Founder and Owner of Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans