To Stay or to Leave

Owner David Hachmeister

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

Longtime crooner Tony Bennett has been battling Alzheimer’s for years now. His story has a compelling twist that just about every senior can identify with.

It seems, when in his residence, about all he can do now is smile. This is just another sad outcome of this nasty disease. The twist is that when he is acting like he is preparing for a concert, he is far more lucid. The familiar makes all of us feel more confident and grounded. The stage for this nonagenarian is his comfort zone, his home.

This is one of the primal reasons people want to stay in their home, almost no matter the cost. We talk to children who themselves are seniors about this virtually every day. What the discussion boils down to is wants vs. costs. The “kids” look at the costs and say they are unsustainable, while mom or dad resists any change. Usually, each side respects the other’s opinion, but the chasm remains.

We suggest that the younger generation not panic. The costs can be offset by tax deductions for our services, veterans aid, religious organizations, and county and state programs. The other reason not to panic is that the costs do not continue forever.

Mom and dad have been a big part of your life, a seemingly never-ending part of your life for as long as you can remember. Life without them is incomprehensible. And yet, there is reality, right in front of you. Each forgotten memory, every stumble and fall, the lack of desire to eat — all of this is telling you that the end is near. It might be a day, it might be a year, but it is certainly a day closer than it was the day before.

Paying for care won’t last forever. Budgeting for monthly payments that continue to perpetuity might seem prudent but are beyond the real need.

Another side of this most difficult time of life is getting mom or dad to agree to care. This is another issue for another blog article. But for now, give us a call — we can help! Contact us today via our website or by calling us at 630-333-9262.