David Hachmeister, owner

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

I recently got off the phone with an administrator at an assisted living community near me. I found out only yesterday that there was a new Executive Director there. This is their fourth in five years.

High staff turnover is a big deal if you are looking for consistent high-quality care. High turnover, especially at the top levels, mean new directions for the community and a changing vision as to what the community is supposed to be.

One of the reasons for using us at Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans is closely related. The industry average turnover rate is 65 percent a year. From that, you can expect to see many new faces needing new explanations and constant adjustments. This can be exhausting.

By comparison, our turnover rate is less than 20 percent a year. Whatever the reasons for that, we like to think it’s because we treat people better. What this means for you is far less turmoil in your life.

Low turnover means you aren’t having to re-explain every other week when the laundry should be done, or how and when your loved one likes his or her coffee. Strong relationships become intuitive. That is what we strive for.

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