Turnovers and You

Owner David Hachmeister

By David Hachmeister, Owner, Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans

Sometimes turnovers are great. I love apple turnovers. If you are a basketball player, turnovers are not so good.

In our line of work, in-home care, turnovers are a mark of agency’s commitment to its caregivers and staff.

The in-home care agency average turnover rate per year is almost 70 percent. This means, if an agency had 100 caregivers on January 1, they would only have 30 remaining on staff a year later.

I have said our agency is different — as does every agency owner —but we have the numbers to prove it. Our turnover rate is just 17 percent. Only eight caregivers who were on the payroll last year are not on it this year.

You might say, “So what?” The answer is simple: We all want more than just a body coming through the door. Instead, we yearn for relationships that are real and meaningful. At Care and Comfort at Home, we do everything in our power to make sure that you get the caregiver you want and need, and you get to keep that caregiver as long as you both are happy. That way, you don’t have to repeatedly explain how you like your toast or how hot you like your shower. Your caregiver knows, because your caregiver knows you.

So, when you see your caregiver or our managers Eren Uribe, Lauren Strother, or Suzette Conroy, be sure to say thanks to them and remember how they contribute to the work environment that makes these relationships happen — for you!

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