Veterans Assistance and Benefits — What you don’t know can hurt you!

With Memorial Day quickly approaching, it’s an appropriate time to turn our attention on this nation’s veterans, in particular those who have given their lives for our country.

It’s also a great time to show our appreciation to all veterans for their service, and what better way then to assist seniors who need help with their day-to-day life.

In fact, such assistance from the Administration of Veteran Affairs (VA) is available to veterans, but sadly, many are not aware that such benefits even exist.

Veterans Assistance and Benefits — What you don’t know can hurt you!

It goes to show that, despite the old saying, what you don’t know definitely can hurt you. In this case specifically, veterans often miss out on benefits that could greatly improve their lives. They don’t know to ask and rarely are they told. The VA does not contact those who qualify for benefits. Those veterans must find out for themselves, and many wouldn’t even know to find out, let alone where to look and who to ask.

But by the same token, another old adage — “knowledge is power” — certainly stands true! So read on, to learn more about one specific and extremely helpful VA benefit that many veterans qualify for, but they don’t even know it!

Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care Benefit

Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care is an important and extremely valuable VA benefit for veterans needing skilled services, case management, and help with the activities of daily living — such as bathing, getting dressed, or taking medications, just to name a few.

This program is also for veterans who are alone and isolated. And it’s available as well to provide relief for the veteran’s current caregiver, who might be overwhelmed by the stress that comes from caregiving.

A Homemaker or Home Health Aide can be used as a part of an alternative to a nursing home and is also as a great way to extend respite to the veteran’s family caregiver, who might be in need of a break. The services of a Homemaker or Home Health Aide help veterans remain living in their own home and are available to qualified veterans of any age — not just seniors.

Homemakers and Home Health Aides work for an organization that has a contract with VA. Care & Comfort at Home in Elmhurst is one such organization — known also as a “VA preferred provider.” Learn more about how we help veterans by clicking HERE!


Services are based on the veteran’s assessed needs. The veteran will talk with a VA social worker to find out what specific help he or she might be able to receive. For example, an aide might come to the veteran’s home several times a week or just once in a while, based on the needs of the veteran.

Some examples of daily activities for which the veteran might be able to receive assistance include:

• Eating

• Getting dressed

• Bathing

• Using the bathroom

• Moving from one place to another

• Shopping for food

• Cooking

• Cleaning

• Doing laundry

• Taking medication

• Getting to appointments

• Using the phone

Who is eligible?

Since Homemaker and Home Health Aide services are part of a service within the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package, all enrolled veterans are eligible if they meet the clinical need for the service.

A copay for Homemaker and Home Health Aide services might be charged based on the veteran’s VA service-connected disability status.

Homemaker and Home Health Aide services can be used in combination with other Home and Community Based Services that might also be available to the veteran! To learn more about these services, click HERE.

If you aren’t sure if you are enrolled and eligible, and if you live within our Illinois service area (specially, the counties of Cook, Kane, Lake, and DuPage), Care & Comfort at Home can help! The process can take time — so contact us today, and we’ll help you find out if you qualify for in-home care benefits from the VA. Don’t miss out on benefits that you rightly deserve! Call us at 630-333-9262 or contact us via our website by clicking HERE.

Information on benefits courtesy of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs