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by David Hachmeister
Owner, Care & Comfort at Home

Welcome to Care & Comfort at Home for Seniors and Veterans!

Having decades of experience as a trade magazine publisher, I know it is not as easy to publish as many would like to believe. It is very hard to sustain. One issue is fun, two you can do, but continuing to Volume II, Issue 8 and beyond is a far more difficult task.

While it is online, our website blog is much like printed publishing. It can be, at times, difficult and time consuming, but it also serves as an important means of communication. Our staff members — Carissa, Natasha, and Lauren — and I are committed to keeping you informed about matters of interest to you, as well as staying in not-too-frequent contact.

As a company, our ongoing commitment is to providing the best care we can, and that means finding the best caregivers we can. We pay well, have profit-sharing, and provide earned paid days off, continuing education, and more to our employees. We believe that better conditions draw better caregivers to our business, which means better care for our clients and fewer management entanglements. It is a win for everybody! As we about to enter into our fourth year of operation, we are pleased to see our ideal confirmed by lower turnover, fewer missed shifts, scarcer caregiver/client issues and, most importantly, outstanding client care.

Please contact us to let us know how we are doing, what you like, and what you think needs improvement.

Best regards,

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