Words of Wisdom of the Elderly Worth Hearing

older woman and younger woman

by Patricia LaCroix, contributing writer

“Wisdom is with the aged; with long life is understanding.” — Job 12:12

In many cultures, including Native American, African, and Mediterranean societies, the elderly are revered because the wisdom that comes from their life experiences is understood and appreciated. People from these cultures realize that there is much to learn from our elders.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case in American society. The elderly can often be seen as a disposable generation and dismissed as having nothing left to offer.

Many also fear getting older, as we’ve seen what can happen to one’s health, one’s mobility, and one’s mind as the years set in.

It’s important, however, to remember that while being older brings along with those years more difficulties, it also carries the gift of wisdom. Those who are young — and smart — will best listen to what those who are older and wiser have to say.

When offering care in home to our senior clients, our caregivers at Care & Comfort at Home are often blessed to hear from them words of wisdom that only come from living a long life. We have so much to learn from the elderly, if only we open our ears, our hearts, and our minds.

That said, here are some words of wisdom from older folks, who have lived long, full lives and have come to realize through their experiences life’s ups and downs, successes and mistakes, rights and wrongs. Find within their words the lessons that can make your own life better.

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